Product/Market fit  |  Scalability  |  Lean Canvas  |  Engine of Growth

These are some elements of the Agile business methodology that not everyone is familiar about, I want to change that.

In the (very) near future I aim to cover the entire catalogue of subjects needed to take an idea and have it become a digital reality, this will obviously take some time but my posts will come in the form of weekly blog posts full of information that is essential for you to know in order to make your idea a real success in the market.

I will cover topics such as your idea and business methodologies such as the Waterfall method and why I think Agile is the best approach for many start up businesses.

I want everyone to get ready to be involved in a totally extensive blogging network designed around the Agile methodology process because we all have ideas but not everyone knows what to do with them.

I will be focusing on apps for mobiles/tablets and computers as I am most familiar with this field.

Before reading my blog posts, I recommend visiting the ‘What is Agile?’ page so that you get a basic overview of everything that I will talk about.

“Change is good, Innovation is key and customers are not always right”


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